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Help me stop GMO's by purchasing local organic produce at your local farmers market. 

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Donate and help get the urban farm going. Every donation will help with the purchase for equipment and seeds to start next season strong.

Pruning A Tomato Plant The Praxxus5571 Way
I am pruning a tomato plant the Praxxus5571 way for myself. Then do a single stem tomato plant. I am[...]
Update On The Tomato Experiment
I have an update on the tomato experiment, I cut a branch off a tomato plant because it was laying[...]
Tomato Experiment
I was out in the garden looking at the tomato plants. I saw that one of the tomato plants had[...]
Update Of Rejuvenate The Soil With Cover Crops
This is just going to be a quick update on the cover crops. I didn’t do a good job with[...]
Rejuvenate The Soil With Cover Crops
To really start the urban farm on the right foot. I need to the soil and put as many nutrients[...]
How To Toss In A Pan
I have been asked over the years if I can toss food in a pan. Since I have been cooking[...]