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Why I Gave Up Soda | Why You Should Too

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A little over three years ago I decided for a new year’s resolution that I would give up drinking soda.

The first couple of weeks I want tempted to grab one, but after that, it got easier and easier.

It was easy at home because I didn’t buy any more for the house. So as long as I don’t have it I can’t have it.

Since I don’t drink that much alcohol. When I go out to a restaurant I order unsweetened ice tea.


People in the United States drink and average of 45 gallons of soda a year.

That can fill a gas tank of a 2002 Toyota Camry three times fully from empty.2002 Toyota Camry

Most soda companies use high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) as their sweetening agent for the soda.

HFCS is made from GMO corn which is man-made in a factory that adds chemicals to it to become a sweet syrup.

In the movie 2007 documentary King Corn how they grew GMO corn and what happe65g of Sugar in a 12oz bottle of cokens to it after it is grown. They went to an HFCS factory but was denied to film how they make the HFCS.

HFCS is a lot cheaper to use than regular sugar cane. Which is why the big companies use it.

The thing is it is made from GMO corn which makes up 90% of our corn crops with Monsanto owns.

There are 65 grams of HFCS in a bottle of coke.



Fast food restaurants:

  1. Burger King large size soda is a 40oz cup.
    1. If you get a coke it has 102 grams of HFCS
    2. If you get the brags root beer you get 121 grams of HFCS
  2. McDonald’s large size is a 30oz cup.
    1. If you get a large coke it has 76 grams of HFCS
    2. If you get a large orange soda it has 84 grams of HFCS

Chain restaurants sell unlimited amounts of soda which adds up every time you ask for another glass.

Diet Soda

People think if they drink diet soda they are drinking something better than regular soda. Because they are cutting out the sugar or HFCS.

Well, they are very wrong about this. Diet soda contains aspartame which is a man-made sweetener that is made in a factory out of chemicals. Which Monsanto invented in the late 1970’s.Diet Soda

There is no concrete evidence that aspartame causes cancer or anything that I could find. But I don’t want to drink or eat anything is made of chemicals from a factory. Do you??

What to drink

There is a bunch of other things to drink that is better in the world to drink than soda.

  1. Water
  2. Organic teas
  3. Fruit or vegetable juices that you juice from your own garden
  4. Milk


Why You Should Quit Drinking Soda


They say that you can lose between 15 and 60 pounds for eliminating soda from your diet. It all depends on how much soda you consume.

When you stop drinking soda after a while. The stomach cannot handle the artificial carbonation anymore.

6 months after I stopped drinking soda. I was at a friend’s daughter’s birthday party. The only thing they had to drink was cans of soda.

After about 3 swigs of the soda, my stomach started to hurt from drinking the soda. Because my body wasn’t used to the carbonation anymore.

It is possible to stop drinking it and I know how it feels when you start. But after a little bit, it will get easier.

After a while when and if you take a swig of soda it won’t taste good anymore.

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