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Transplanting Squash and Pepper Plants

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I decided to transplant some of the plants that were in the storage tote greenhouse.

I needed to add some compost to the raised garden bed to have it nice and full for the plants.

So I grabbed about 5 or 6 5-gallon buckets that I used for the container part of the garden from last year. Flipped them over on top of the garden and spread it all out.



This raised garden that I am filling is the one I had the tomatoes tomato plants in last year. I am rotating the crops the reason why is.

  1. For putting in different microbes in the soil.Looking at the Roots of the Boston Marrow Squash
  2. So the plants do get a disease.
  3. For a better yield of the new crop.
  4. For better taste.

I decided to start with the yellow scallop squash to transplant. The scallop squash is a new plant that I have grown yet but am interested to see how these are going to be like.

These are great for roasting and eating as a side dish. If you are looking to take cooking lessons come signup got the cooking lessons here.

Across from that, I planted the Boston Marrow Squash. This is a native from the Boston area and can grow up to 30 pounds each.

I have read that it is a nice sweet squash it can be used in pies. What I like to do to this pumpkin is make a squash risotto with it. You will have to wait until late September or early October for it just like me.

I also transplanted a Habanero pepper plant that a got from a friend a few weeks ago. I am glad I got the Habanero plant since it doesn’t look like my Purple Jalapeno Plant is going to come up.

It looks like I had a bad seed and it isn’t going to do anything.

Planting the Red Bell PepperI also transplanted the King of the North (Red Bell Pepper) this pepper is made for a shorter season and I have read that it produces a good amount of fruit.

I planted an orange Bell Pepper for a different color bell pepper.

I transplanted my summer squash. I planted this last year and it put out a good amount of veggies. That were nice and tender. I am looking to improve a little bit with giving it a little more room.

I also transplanted my zucchini. Which I also planted last year. I was very happy with it from last year. I am giving this a little extra room to grow to see if that will help at all.

The reason I am adding these together is to see how they will do. I really don’t have a true reason. But want to see what is going to happen is all.

I am giving all of them good room to grow. The 2 bug squash plants are going to have their own 1/3 of the garden all to themselves.

That way they can do what every wants to do. The only thing I am going to make them do is grow out of the garden do they don’t take over the garden.

That way the other plants have a chance to produce for me.



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