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Tomato Plants with a Backup Plan

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Since the tomato plants that I started from seeds are small and I don’t know how much yield I am going to get out of the plants this year.

So I decided to go to the farmers market to see if I can find some backup tomato plants.

I bought 2 plants one plum tomato and one orange cherry tomato. From my friend Adam Tedeschi from Second Nature Farm in Norton, Ma.

Transplanting the Tomato Plants.

I decided to plant the 2 plants I started from seeds on one side of the garden and put the plants I got from Adam on the other side of the garden.

This way I can see what is going on with each group of plants.

When I transplanted the tomato plants I add a good amount of vermicompost in the holes around the plant.Tomatoes from seeds

That way they can get the solid fertilizer once their roots start to spread.

We are going to get some rain this week so I am going to hold off with giving them some worm tea for now.

Since I gave them the vermicompost the rain will be soaked up and give them the needed nutrients that need.

Wait and see

Right now is just the waiting game. To see if the seeds that I planted to produce anything this year.

I am hoping that the Amish Paste Tomatoes will grow this year since that didn’t do well last year. Last year both the red and yellow cherry tomatoes did pretty well.

The Amish Paste was in the 5-gallon buckets, got choked up and didn’t produce at all last year. I am hoping for better results this year.

An added tomato plant

After I filmed the video I found a tomato plant that sprouted in the square foot garden. I dumped a few composted filled 5-gallon buckets that I had laying around from last year in the garden to top it off.

There must have Bought Tomato Plantsbeen a tomato that fell off of the vine into the bucket and burst. The seeds must be mixed into the compost from last year.

Once I dumped it spread it evenly in the garden and watered it to keep it most to plant stuff in it. The seeds must have germinated and sprouted.I have a few of them in there. I decided to transplant one of them in the middle of the garden between both groups of tomatoes.Now I am hoping that it is one of my yellow cherry tomatoes that is called Egg Yolk tomatoes. These are by far my most favorite tomato that I have ever grown.

They are as sweet as sugar. My problem is they are so good that they never reach the inside of the house.

I eat them before I can get to the back door. That is how good they really are.

So we will have to see


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