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The Power of Worm Tea

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If you are wondering what is Worm Tea and how much power it has in your garden. You are in the right place.

OK, lets talk about what is if first.

What is worm tea

It is made out of vermicompost that I get from my composting worms.

I then place the vermicompost in a breathable bag and steep it with other organic or natural ingredients.

After I start steeping it I then place air stones on the bottom of the container and aerate it for a few days.

tomato plantOnce you stop aerating it you only have a few days before it goes bad. The sooner you use it the better the results you will get.

Remember this is a live culture and it needs to breathe.

When it is done it as all of the good bacteria and microbes in liquid form. Because it is in liquid for it makes it easier for the plants to take it in.

So if the worm tea puts good bacteria and microbes back in liquid form what does that mean for the plants.

  1. Suppress disease
  2. Stronger root system
  3. Bigger plants
  4. Bigger yields

Just because of these you will have a better garden. Let me show the power of the tea at work.

A few weeks ago I wrote about Tomatoes with a Backup Plan. I was worried that my tomato plants were too small and I wasn’t sure what kind of yield I was going to get out of them.

They were only like 5 to 6 inches tall. You saw me add the vermicompost into the hole then put the compost back on top.

I explained that I was going to start feeding it worm tea. After only 3 weeks the tomato plants exploded they are like 13 or 14 tall now.

They are extremely strong and sturdy, they look very healthy, and I bet the root system is huge.

wants you to see the power of the tea work you will never or back to the chemical stuff again.Radish

How how to use it

Now you’ re wondering probably wondering how to use it.

There is nothing in it that will burn your plants at all. To get the best effect I do suggest using it straight out of the bottle without diluting it at all.

You can use it in a watering can like I do. You can place it in a spray bottle and spritzes the leaves of the plants.

What I do is once or twice a week I will pour it into my watering can and pour it all over the plant and give the soil a good soaking.

That way the leaves can get it from all directions.

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