Hi, I am Stephen McGuire the owner of McGuire Organics you can call me Steve for short. Since WWII we have lost one of the basic parts of good health.

Eating locally grown organic food and cooking our meals from scratch. Since then we have been buying convenience foods from theMe holding red wigglers grocery stores, that are highly processed and full of chemicals. Which is not good for our bodies.

Back in 1995 when I was a freshman at a local Community College I read in the newspaper about scientists from Monsanto injecting fish DNA into a tomato.

We all joked about it and shrugged it off. That was the introduction of Genetically Modified Organisms (aka GMO’s) in the food system as we know it today.

The Start of McGuire Organics

When my son Hunter was born my wife and I found out that he was allergic to milk, eggs, soy, peanuts, and all tree nuts.

Because of this, his skin would just peel right off him just by looking at him. We went through a number of formulas finally found one that was hypoallergenic.

This made me research what was making the food allergies so pronounced these days and found about GMO’s and what they are doing to the food system.

HunterWhen I was a kid the only person I knew that had a food allergy was my younger brother who was allergic to shellfish. But no one was allergic to peanuts, soy, or anything like that.

Since 1995 food allergies, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and chronic illnesses numbers have risen dramatically. We as a society have gotten used to eating highly processed convenient foods with high amounts of sodium and artificial sugars.
I started McGuire Organics to help people to learn how to grow their own produce. So they can have fresh and healthy food that is just right in their backyards.

This is so crucial for good health and to help with the skyrocketing prices at the grocery stores.

Where can you start with on McGuire Organics

Shop – You can purchase Worms, Worm Bins.

Services – If you are in the Boston or Providence areas check out our service page where we give in your home cooking lessons and garden consulting.gails garden

Blog – Checkout the blog where we talk about different stuff. Make sure you get involved in the comment discussions.

Contact Us – If you have a question go to the contact page and ask me a question there I will get back to you as soon as possible.

What can you expect for the future?

I am changing the back yard garden to an urban farm. You can follow the adventure through the blog I will also be doing some cooking demos in the blog also with recipes that you can follow along.