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How to use Pumpkins for Worm Food

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Now since it is almost a week after Halloween. Since you have jack-o-lanterns cut out of your pumpkins and they are going to about to get rotten.

Yes, you can throw them out that’s is what most people so with them. The thing is that the best thing to do.

Well, I don’t think so. Not when you have a compost pile in the backyard or Red Wigglers at the house.


When you have composting worms pumpkins are awesome to use for worm food. Oh, man, do they love pumpkin.

Composting worms are like kids eating. They are picking off what they want to eat and what they don’t want to eat.

If you throw some onions in there for instance. They will eat everything that is around the onions that taste better.

Then they will go for the onions when everything else is gone.

How to prepare the pumpkin

The best way to get the pumpkin ready for the worms is cut it up as small as you can.

With the two pumpkins I cut up I used two different trash bags.

The more surface area the faster it will break down. What also helps is freezing the produce.

Freezing the produce does a couple of things.Chopped Up Pumpkin


  1. It helps break down the membranes of the produce for it to break down faster
  2. It helps kill any fruit fly eggs that you have on that fruit.


It is better off to freeze it as long as possible. But I would at least freeze it for three days minimum.

You just have to take as much out as needed. If you feed the worms too much then you will give them protein poisoning.

Feeding the worms

Now once it is done freezing for a few days. It is time to feed the European Night Crawlers.

I would suggest using a quart of cut up pumpkin per bin if you are just starting off.

Once you add the pumpkin you need to add a nice thick layer of bedding on top of the pumpkin.

Even though you froze it there is still a chance that you can get fruit flies.

So the thicker the layer of bedding you have the less likely you will have fruit flies.

If you don’t have red wigglers or European nightcrawlers go check them out.

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