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European Night Crawlers Per Pound


Are you sick and tired of going to the bait store and purchasing European Night Crawlers every time you need bait?

How would you like to go into your own worm bin and grab a handful of your own worms right from your own home to go fishing with them?

Then the European Night Crawlers are the worms for you.

They can grow up to 5-6 inches in length and can get as thick as a pencil.

They are known to stay alive on the hook longer and can handle being used as bait for ice fishing.

What are you waiting for and order your Euro’s right now.

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What are European Night Crawlers?

European Night Crawlers are composting worm that are also known as Euros, Belgium worms and super red worms.

They are grow up to 5- 6 inches long, get as thick as a number two pencil and weigh up to 1.7 grams each.

There is up to 500 worms per pound.

What do they eat?

European Night Crawlers eat garbage that you have around the house like; paper, cardboard, and produce scraps.

They can eat two times their body weight in one day.

Which can help out up to 65 to 70% recycling your garbage to help with your household green footprint.

What can you use the Euros for?

  • European Night Crawlers a composting worm that make vermicompost that is an excellent organic fertilizer.
  • They are a great fishing worm. They are known to stay alive on the hook longer. Which makes them more desirable for the fish.
  • They make awesome exotic pet food. Whatever animal you need to feed worms to. You can breed your worms and not have to worry about running out of worms.

My experience

I have found that the European Night Crawlers are a great worm for someone just starting to vermicompost.

They can handle extreme conditions and will still stay alive.

They have survived somewhat dried out worm bin.

They like the bin a bit on the wetter side then other worms do.

As long as you keep them out of the sun.

They can handle hot weather and not blink an eye.

Orders need to be placed by Saturday at 12 pm EST. for shipment to be shipped the next Tuesday. The worms are shipped 2 to 3 day priority shipping through the post office. You will receive the worms on Thursday or Friday.

You are 100% GUARANTEED to have live worms on delivery.

If you have any problems with the worms received, please contact me immediately at mcguireorganics@yahoo.com. Please provide a detailed description and photos if possible. Please DON’T simply assume they are dead if they don’t seem alive. Shipping is a bit stressful for them and they may need a little recovery time in a moist and quiet bin overnight.


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