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How To Toss In A Pan

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I have been asked over the years how to toss in a pan. Since I have been cooking for 24 years yes I can and you can too.

It is about practice just like everything else. It takes a little time to understand how to do it. Once you understand and get in the flow it gets really easy.

Do you remember trying to ride your bike after getting your training wheels off? Remember how hard it was at first, but after a while, you could go a little farther before you needed to stop.

Well once you try this you might make a mess at first, that is normal don’t worry about it and  just clean it up…. HAHA.

Ok, all jokes are done. Now let’s get to business.

Here is how to toss in a pan

I want you to work with either an 8” or a 10” sauté pan.

Place the pan on the stove or counter and put a half a cup of dry uncooked rice in the pan.

Shake the pan so that the rice is fully covering the bottom of the pan.

Pick up and pan with a slight angel and the rice the front of the pan.

Now with a slight jerk backwards pull the pan. Then push the pan forward so the rice can fall back into the pan.

Just like I said before don’t worry about the mess. The dry rice is very easy to clean up. Just keep on trying.

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