How To Set Up Worm Bin With Eco-System Bags
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How To Set Up Worm Bin With Eco-System Bags

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Setting up a new worm bin isn’t that hard at all. There are 2 different way to do it. The first one is ordering worms by the pound.

When ordering worms by the pound you have to setup you worm bin 2 to 4 weeks before buying your worms.

The reason why is that you need to mix the bedding and food together to build microbes for the bin before adding the worms to it.

This is where it is crucial to have the bin perfect to add the worm too.

We are not going be talking how to set the bin up like that.


The eco-system bags are from my red wiggler worm bins. They consist of red wigglers established bedding and a little bit of food.

The eco-system bags are the best start for someone that is just starting out with vermicomposting.

Eco-System BagThe reason why is that it is a worm bin already set up for you. You just have to dump your bag contents in your container that you want your worms to live in.

It can be a storage tote, 5-gallon bucket, a wooden box, or a commercial worm bin.

Now since you are getting an established worm bin in a bag. You are not getting the worms by weight. You will be getting fewer worms.

I would suggest three bags to really get a good jump on a worm bin.

What to place your worms in.

The most command worm bin is a storage tote, I like to use an 18-gallon tote because I can get more vermicompost out of it.

The Worm Inn which is a continuous flow system. Which means you feed on the top worms migrate up to feed and you harvest from the bottom.

Which is the easiest way to have a continuous flow of vermicompost? Once it starts you can harvest every other week out of it

What to feed your worms

What can you feed your worms are producing scraps, over ripe fruit, wilted leafy vegetables.

I have found that they love watermelon rinds, pumpkins, bananas and banana peels. They also like coffee grounds.

They will eat vegetables when all of the fruit are gone and they have nothing else to eat.

Yes, they act like kids with eating their veggies. The best what to get anything eaten up is cut it as small as you can.Worm Inns

The smaller you cut it the more surface area you have the faster it will break down. The faster it breaks down the more microbes you have there.

The microbes are what they are eating. So the more microbes you have the worms will be happy.


What is bedding you may be asking? Bedding is ripped up paper products. You can use newspaper, fliers, junk mail, any kind of paper, and cardboard.

I wouldn’t use any magazines, flyers that are glossy or cardboard that has any wax on it.

Bedding is the safe area where the worms can go to when to want to hang out and when conditions are not just right.

The worms also eat the bedding too.

How long will it take to get vermicompost?

The more worms you have the faster it will take to produce vermicompost.

If you get three Eco-system bags it will have a decent amount of bedding and worms in it. Which is a great start?

I will be around 6 months to start getting something out of it. That would be the same thing with getting worms by the pound also.

Once you get it all ramped up it will be easier to keep on getting stuff from it as long as you have the right set up.

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