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How To Cook A Hard Boiled Egg like a Chef

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If you are wondering how to cook a perfectly cooked hard boiled egg you are in the right place.

Cooking a boiled an egg isn’t about putting it on the stove and cooking it until it is done on a rolling boil for 10 minutes.

If you get a green yolk you have over cooked your egg. What you should have is a perfectly yellow colored yolk.


What you need is a sauce pot with a tight fitting lid. If you don’t have a lid for your pot don’t worry about it.

Eggs In Cold WaterJust find something that you can place on top of the pot to keep in the heat.

How To Cook A Hard Boiled Egg

Now place the eggs easily into the pot and cover them with cold water.

Bring the water up to a rolling boil.

Take the pot off of the heat and cover the pot and let it sit for 12 minutes.

Once the 12 minutes are up. Place the pot uncovered in the sink and run the eggs under cold water.

Crack the shells of the eggs and place them back into the cold running pot.

This will help separate the shells from the eggs.

The water will go between the eggs and the shell and loosen the up a bit for easy peeling.Eggs In Boiling Water

Cooking it less

If you cook it for 3 minutes you will get a soft boiled egg.

Which means the egg whites are cooked but the egg yolks are hot but not cooked.

Like an over easy fried egg.

With this, you will need to buy an egg cup to eat the soft boiled egg.

What Can You Do With Hard Boiled Eggs

Now you know how to cook a perfect hard-boiled egg.

Let’s talk about what you can make with it.

Soft Boiled EggThe easiest thing to do with it makes egg salad out of it.

Just chop it up as big or small as you want. Mix in some mayo, mustard and salt, and pepper. All to your taste.

You can make Devils Eggs with them. Cut them in half, scoop the yolks out.

Smash the yolks and fine as possible. Then mix in mayo, Sriracha, salt, and pepper.

Place the yolk mixture in a piping bag and pipe then back into the egg whites.


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