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How to Build a Non Turnable Compost Bin

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I have decided to try something new with the pallet compost bin in the backyard. Since I have been suffering from chronic lower back pain for 5+ years now.


It’s sometimes hard to turn the compost between the two pallet compost bins. I have decided to get a bunch of PVC pipes cut them in half and drill holes in them.Drilled Holes in the PVC

I believe this will keep the compost aerated so I don’t have to turn the compost. Which will make it easier on my back.

I bought 10-foot length ¾ inch PVC pipes, I cut them into five-foot length pieces and drilled a bunch of ¼ inch holes in them.

I had the compost bin a quarter the way full. So I emptied it out and started it from scratch.

I alternated the green material with the brown material and spraying them down for them to be damp. I placed four pipes sticking through the door and the back wall of the bin.

Since the bin is four feet wide the pipes will be sticking out by 6 inches.

The back wall of my bin is close to my fence to the pipes that go through the door and the back wall, will be sticking out of the door a bit more that’s fine with me as long as it works correctly.

I cover that with more materials and placed another 4 pipes through the two side walls and wetted it down.

I then added four more pipes through the door and back wall. I topped it off with more filled a little more and added more pipesmaterials and wetted it down again.

I have four more pipes to use but ran out of material to throw on top. When I get some more ill just finish it off.

Right now it is just over three feet high and that’s good. A compost pile needs to be at least three feet high.

So right now I just have to wait and see what happens I am hoping it gets up to close to 160 degrees and stays there for a while.

The longer it stays heated the faster it will break down. Which means the faster I get compost.

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