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How to add outside compost to your worm bin

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I keep on getting the same question all the time. Can I add composting worms to my outside compost bin?

I always say no because 1) the compost bin heats up to 140 degrees and that is always to hot for the worms to survive. 2) Worms like to roam, when they have a chance.

I have a way to combine the backyard compost to your worm bin.

This is how you combine both

I have a compost tumbler in the backyard that I have been using for a while but have never liked it because it doesn’t aerate the compost that well.

The compost in it is only halfway done and hasn’t heated over 80 degrees in the last 4 weeks.

Which I made with grass clippings, leaves, produce scraps, and coffee grounds.

All of these are great to feed to your worms.

Composting worm bin

Since the compost is cold it is now perfect to use as a living material for the worms.

There is a lot of good bacteria and microbes in it that the worms will love to feed on.

You won’t even have to add more produce scraps to the bin if you don’t want to.

The only thing you will have to check is the moisture content in the bin.

If you order Red Wigglers or European Night Crawlers by the pound you can add this living material as their start off bedding if you would like to.

This way they will have the right balance of the bat.

I don’t want you to this that this is the only way to have a great worm bin.

This is just another tool in the arsenal to use to make the ideal worm bin.

I still use shredded paper and cardboard for my bedding and still produce scraps for the food.

I get great vermicompost with the regular bedding. It is just a nice to add a little more to the mix.





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