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Harvesting the Stackable Worm Bin

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It’s been 5 months since I built the DIY Stackable Worm Bin. The vermicompost is looking like it is time to start the harvesting process of the bottom tray.

What you need to do is place the bottom tray on top of the top tray.

It is important to not separate the top 2 trays. Since the middle tray is further along the then top tray.

So you want to keep them both as one tray and place the bottom tray on top of the other two.The Top 2 of the Stackable Worm Bin

Now remember the top two trays are going to be heavy to lift out so, be careful of your back. If you need help this is a good 2 person job. So ask for help if you need it.

Place the two top trays to the side and take the bottom tray and place it to the side.

Look for excess water in the catching bin. Where you have the brick holding up the trays. If there is any The Bottom Tray of the Worm Binwater then just discard the excess water and replace the bricks on the bottom of the catching bin.

Place the two top trays on top of the bricks and place the bottom tray with the finished vermicompost on top of the other two trays.

Once the trays are all done being moved around you will notice that the VC is wet, this is normal.

Keep the lid off of the worm bin to dry out the VC for a few days. It will be a lot easier to harvest it when the VC has dried out.Fully Rotated Worm Bin

When the VC is dried out you will need to light harvest the VC.

To light harvest the VC place a light onto the VC and scrap off the top layer of the VC until you down to where the worms are.

Once you get to where the worms are hanging out stop and let them dive down again. This can be 5 minutes to up 30 minutes.

This is a time-consuming process. But when it is done you will have great VC for your garden.

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