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Greenhouse Made Out Of A Clear Storage Tote

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I don’t have a lot of room to build a full-blown greenhouse. So I was at the store yesterday and found a clear plastic storage tote.

I got the biggest one to give me the most room in it. What I like about it is that it locks closed so animals can’t screw with the seedlings in it.

It wasn’t expensive at all I bought for $9.99.

Different kinds of Greenhouses:

There are all different kinds, sizes, and structural greenhouses.

There are industrial greenhouses that can range 100 feet long by 50 feet wide and 20 feet tall. That have an irrigation system in it to water the plants on a timer.industrial greenhouse

They also have fans and heater in them to help regulate the temperatures in them.

There are commercially bought greenhouses that you can buy at hardware stores or from special online greenhouse websites.

Which can range from 10 feet long and 6 feet wide and 7 feet tall? Which can be made of wood or metal?

You can also build your own DIY greenhouse as big or small as you want it. You can make it as inexpensive or expensive as you like.

Some people make theirs with read bar, PVC pipes and clear sheeting that you can order online.Garden greenhouse

You can even attach the PVC pipe to you raised the garden bed and through a cover over it and start your seeds in your garden.

Or you may be a skilled carpenter and build a wooden structure

I have seen that people build them out of recycled windows and doors. It is whatever you like to use to build it.


What does a greenhouse do?

Greenhouses are made to take the sun’s light rays and turn it into a warmer space for the seeds to grow.

The sun rays come through the glass or plastic bounce up off something in the greenhouse and hits the inside of the glass which warms up the greenhouse.

greenhouse-diagramThis is called the greenhouse effect.

This helps out with starting the seedlings earlier in the year so you get a better start for the season.


My tote greenhouse

Since I don’t have the big back yard and what I have is a bit hilly. I found something that I can use and have the same effect.

With little money and nothing, I needed to put together.




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