GMO Labeling Fight and What We Can Do About It
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GMO Labeling Fight and What We Can Do About It

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There is a big fight in the U.S. over GMO labeling right now. A few states have GMO labeling laws in place and some states are in the process of making laws on it.

There is a bill going through the Congress named H.R. 1599 on GMO labeling.

What can you do about the stance on the GMO labeling?

What are the states stances on the GMO labeling movement?

In 2014 Vermont was the very first state to have GMO labeling law in place. The Grocery Manufactures Association sued the state to void out the labeling bill. On April 27, 2015, the U. S. District Court of Vermont approved Vermont’s GMO labeling as

States GMO labeling stance
This is how each state is looking on the stance on GMO Labeling

constitutional legal. Vermont’s law is scheduled to be in effect in July of 2016.

Maine and Connecticut are the second and third states to have place GMO laws.

There are 25 states that have introduced GMO laws to the legislation in the last 2 years. Which include Massachusetts, California, Oregon, and Florida to name a few.

There are 18 states so for with no legislation looking at any GMO laws so far. Which include Ohio, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas to name a few.

What is H.R. 1599?

H.R. 1599 is a bill in congress is to override all state laws to label GMO’s in foods.

Monsanto, The FDA, The USDA, The Grocery Manufactures Association, and parts of congress do not want the citizens to have the right to know what is in their food.

The Official NON-GMO Label
Look for this label to make sure your not buying any GMO foods.

Like I said in an earlier blog post that there is a bunch of Monsanto execs is high government officials.

On July 24, 2015, The House of Representatives passed the H.R. 1599 bill with a vote of 275-150.

H.R. 1599 has not reached the Senate yet however it will be coming up soon.

What Countries have banned GMO’s?

There are a bunch of countries around the world that have ban GMO’s or have laws on the books for GMO crops and labeling.

Here is a small list to name a few of them.

  • Ireland banned GMO crops in 2009 have a labeling system are in place.
  • Austria has fully banned GMO’s
  • Hungry has fully banned GMO’s
  • Greece has fully banned GMO’s
  • Bulgaria has fully banned GMO’s
  • Luxembourg has fully banned GMO’s
  • Russia has fully banned GMO’s
  • New Zealand doesn’t grow GMO’s

What can we do about the H.R. 1599 bill?

If you want to help with the GMO labeling movement you need to contact your U. S. Senator to tell them to vote NO on the H.R. 1599 bill

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