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9 Reasons To Start Vermicomposting

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I have come up with 9 reasons why you should start vermicomposting right now.

Not just for your garden but for personal reasons too.


1) Reduces your garbage to the landfill.

Do you throw all of your garbage in the trash and send it to the landfill? You need to stop and look at what you are throwing out.

If you start vermicomposting with worms you can significantly reduce your waste to the landfill by at least 50%. What I want you to do starting today for one week is separate your garbage.

Make 2 big trash bags one bag for all of your paper products and one bag for all of your plastic stuff.

If you have little kids have them help you. When you are preparing a meal, chop up all of your uncooked produce scraps, place it in a small plastic grocery bag and put it in the freezer for the week.

At the end of the week, you will be amazed how much your throw out every signal week.


2) Keeping your private information private.shredded paper

Who is afraid of throwing away important private documents in the trash that have social security numbers on them?

I know everyone is. How would you like to be able to get rid of them right in your own house and make sure no one can even get them?

Well if you shred them and feed them to your red wigglers for bedding then no one will ever be able to read them, plus you will make a great fertilizer for your plants out of it.


3) Uses very little space.

Vermicomposting uses a little amount of space to produce a very rich organic fertilizer.

Some people use plastic storage totes of all sizes. I like to use 10 or 18- gallon storage totes.

You can place it anywhere in your house where you would like to.

Some people like to put it in the lower kitchen cabinets, others place it somewhere in their basement, and others put it in their garages. I personal like to put them in my basement.

The reason why is that I live in the Boston area and it gets too cold in the winter.

The basement maintains a steady temperature year-round, which is great for the worms.


4) It is low maintenance to maintain.

the worm innIt doesn’t take much effort to maintain a worm bin. It only takes a few minutes to feed them every 2 weeks.

The smaller you cut everything up the faster they can eat it. Some bins are easier to harvest than others.

The Worm Inn is a worm bin what is called a continuous flow system.

Which means that you feed on the top of the worm bin, the Red Wigglers migrate up so you can harvest from the small hole on the bottom of the bin.


5) You can make your own solid organic fertilizer.

Vermicompost is a slow release fertilizer that helps with

Suppressing plant disease.

Place good bacteria and beneficial microbes back into you soil.

It holds up to 5x of its weight in water

Improves soil aeration

Helps with germination, plant growth, and bigger crop yields.


You can make a liquid fertilizer from the vermicompost called worm tea. Which gives you the same benefits as the vermicompost, but the plants can take in much faster since it is in a liquid form.


6) It is great for homeschooling.

mia & hunter helpingIf you homeschool your kids, vermicomposting is great for science lessons.

It can be a great plant biology lesson about the health of the soil. Since the healthy soil is crucial for healthy plants.


7) You can do it in your house.

You can do it in your house year round. As long as you don’t add meat, dairy, or oils into the worm bin it won’t stink.

The best places for a worm bin are the kitchen, the basement, or the garage.

Since I live in the Boston area I have my worms in the basement.

The reason why is that it is an even temperature in the basement year round.

I don’t have to worry about extreme temperatures and that it is dark down there when no one is down there.


8) You can have your own bait for fishing.

If you like to go fishing and use worms as your bait then the European Night Crawlers are for you.

Not only are they a great worm for composting but, they are also a great worm for fishing with.

When they are fully grown they are 5 inches long and can be as think as a #2 pencil.

They are a great size for fishing worms. They are also known to stay alive longer of the line.


9) You can do it year round.

 Since you vermicompost in the house you can do it year round. No matter what the weather is outside.

As long as you have compostable garbage in your house you can continue vermicomposting.

Now what to do?

Since you have separated all of your plastic and can stuff and place it outside for the recycling guy.

Take all of that paper product and shred it dampen them to a wrung out sponge, mix it with your produce scraps, place it into a plastic storage tote, and order either your Red Wigglers or European Night Crawlers.

Now that you have an understanding of why it is important to vermicompost not just for the environment but also for your own garden.

Why haven’t you ordered your worms yet?

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