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5 Reasons Why You should Start Growing Your Own Food

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I have put together 5 reasons you should grow your own food. There are others I can list but I wanted to get to the point.

We are going to talk about saving money, knowing who is growing it, how it can relax you, and how to get the kids involved in gardening.

So let’s get to it.

1. It Saves You Money

Have you noticed that the produce in the grocery store no matter what you buy is getting more expensive? I know I have. If you buy bell peppers at the grocery store they are pricing out around $3.99 a pound.

If you buy 6 bell peppers that might be a pound and a half. A pound and a half of bell peppers will cost you $5.99 for 6 peppers.

Now if you buy a package of Red Bell Peppers like the ones I buy called King of the North Pepper. It will cost you $2.50 a package of red bell pepper seeds.

2. You know where it is grown

When you buy from the grocery store do you know what farm it was grown on? Or where is was grown? Properly not. A lot of the produce is grown in Mexico. If it is from the United States, it is coming from California.


Buying produce from the US is fine. I would rather you buy from a US farmer. But the thing is when you buy from the major grocery stores you are buying the big commercial producers. The problem with that you are not sourcing locally.

If you grow your own produce it is traveling feet away to your table than 3,000+ miles away.

That way you know where it is from and who grew it. Do you know what I’ll tell you a secret SSSShhhh it’s you and it’s from your backyard?

3. You know how it is grown

When you go to the grocery store do you know how it was grown or what fertilizers were used to grow it? If you are saying NO, then there is a problem with that.

You don’t know what chemicals they use to grow that produce and that can be dangerous. I don’t like to eat food loaded with pesticides and herbicides.

That’s why I make my own vermicompost with my own red wigglers.

4. It is relaxing

I don’t know about you but it is very relaxing to me to be in the garden. I love being outside in the summer sun. I can take my time checking out how the plants are doing.

Watch them grow from a seed to a mature plant to produce fruits and vegetables is very rewarding to me. Knowing that I can grow something so good.

5. It can be a learning experience

If you have children, they can help you grow the plants and help you in the garden. While you have them helping you they will learn abouTomatoest the plants and the fruit it produces. That is a big step with picky eaters. When kids grow

That is a big step with picky eaters. When kids grow the food they are more likely to try something that they grow. My daughter is a very picky eater. We have a rule what she plants and grows she has

We have a rule what she plants and grows she has tried it. Last year she grew radishes for the first time. I told her that if she grew them then she would have to try it. Now she makes sure when she has a salad that we put radishes in it.

That’s was my top 5 reasons that you should grow your own food. If to add any other reasons just place them down in the comment area. I would love to hear some more.

If you are in the Boston or Providence areas and would like to help with your garden contact I click here.

Grow your own food and cook from scratch.



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